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RK GYDY-A10 high-voltage power supply
  • Uses and features
  • Specification parameter
    Product features

    ●High voltage continuously adjustable, automatic voltage stabilizing;
    ●Automatic arc extinguishing of electron gun spark;
    ●Designed with over-current and over-heat protection;
    ●Digital display of beam flux and high voltage for accurate reading;
    ●Arranged with an independent high-voltage power supply cabinet for reduction of electromagnetic interference.
    Technical indices
    ●Input power supply: AC 380V±10% ,50Hz±1Hz, three-phase and five-wire system, earth resistance <4Ω;
    ●Output high voltage: DC -5~-8(10)KV; continuously adjustable; automatic voltage stabilizing;
    ●Emission current: 0~1A ;
    ●Coefficient of veins wave:≤±5%;
    ●Maximum input power: 13KVA;
    ●Maximum output power: 8(10)KW;
    ●Overall dimension: W800×H1200×D570(mm);