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RK GGK-D10 digital crucible controller
  • Uses and features
  • Specification parameter
    Product features
    ●Capable to control rotation of two sets of crucible system concurrently;
    ●Flexible setting of parameters for various types of crucibles;
    ●Individual boxes to hand out parade,convenient and flexible manual control;
    ●Selection of high-performance stepper motor,can reach millions of breakdown,positioning accuracy;
    ●5 Road targeted two I/O port,can be connected with various coated control equioment for auto-control;
    ●RS485 communication interface configuration, With the IPC communication;
    ●Serial port control equipment of all kinds of movements,Searching of various status information,modification of the control parameters;
    ●Capable to be connected with PLC, crystal thickness measurer and other control equipments ●for correct execution of the commands sent out from the product;
    Technical indices
    ●Positioning accuracy: ±0.5°
    ●Rotation speed: 1~120 min/r
    ●Input voltage: 220V±10%AC , frequency 50±1Hz
    ●Power consumption: ≤200W
    ●Overall dimension: W480×H88×D433(mm)