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RK DZQ270-1A electron beam evaporation source
  • Uses and features
  • Specification parameter
    Product features

    ●RK DZQ270-1A electron gun is a kind of open electron gun capable to be fitted with crucible at any pocket;
    ●270-degree internal-mounted filament is used to effectively prevent molten materialst from polluting the filament and lengthen its service life;
    ●A special water-cooling structure is provided to cool the permanent magnet, thus ensuring long-time stable evaporation by the beam flux;
    ●This product is convenient and easy to maintain and reserved with special filament for replacement of tooling.

    Technical indices

    ●Accelerating voltage: -6KV~-10KV
    ●Maximum electron beam flux: 1A
    ●Maximum power: 10KW
    ●Beam deflection angle: 270°
    ●Scanning scope of electron beam: 15mm×15mm(X/Y)
    ●Flow rate of cooling water: minimum flow velocity of 8L/min (water temperature varying from 15℃ to 25℃; pressure difference no lower than 0.1MPa and maximum pressure no higher than 0.3MPa)
    ●Air tightness: leak rate no higher than 1.33×10-5Pa.L/S
    ●Working vacuum degree: 5×10-4Pa~5×10-2Pa
    ●Overall dimension: W148×H158×Dl84(mm)
    ●Weight: about 10Kg