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2H-type Slide valve vacuum pump series
  • Uses and features
  • Specification parameter
    Product Applications
    Slide valve vacuum pump is the oil seal variable mechanical pump, which is the ideal vacuum equipment pumping particular gas or condensable gas (gas ballast device) in sealed container. It can be obtained negative pressure directly, or obtained higher vacuum as the other vacuum system’s backing pump. Because of the non-contact rolling motion between the slide valve and the pump chamber, so the pump has the characteristics of dirt-resistant, corrosion preventive and durable. The bearing of the pump are lubricated by grease, which is separated from the pump oil, can be used to pumping the gas with a small amount of dust. In currently, the pump has been widely used in metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, semiconductor, silicon, polycrystalline silicon, petroleum, food and nuclear energy and other fields.

    Product Features 
    ●Vertical structure, compact layout
    ●Three cylinder valve self balance structure
    ●Forced feed oil system
    技术参数:Technical Parameters
    2H-70S 2H-150
    Ultimate pressure
    总 压 力   Pa
    Total pressure
    1 1
    分 压 力   Pa
    Partial pressure
    6×10-2 6×10-2
    几 何 抽 速      L/S
    pumping speed
    70 150
    噪 音  dB(A)  LW(关气镇)
    Noise    Off gas ballast
    84 86
    电机功率   KW
    Motor Power
    7.5 15
    泵的额定转速 r/min
    Pump rated speed
    590 450
    lubricating oil
    油量     L
    25 35
    Vacuum pump oil
    Vacuum pump oil
    水   冷   量    L/min
    Cold water
    8 8
    冷却水温度     ℃
    Cooling water temperature
    ≤30℃ ≤25℃
    进气口通径DN      mm  
    Gas admittance DN
    80 150
    排气口通径DN      mm
    Gas discharge DN
    75 80